Complete transformation for an apartment, 

Paris XVII, France, 2018

To accommodate a young family of 3 children, it was necessary to completely reorganize this duplex which despite its large surface (160m ²), had only one bedroom and one bathroom. The new layout is organized in two areas. The lower floor which hosts the night part (4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms), and the upper floor which offers a large living space.


Complete transformation for an apartment,

Paris IX, France, 2019

Once again, we optimized the spaces of this apartment to offer more living space, and more storage. 




Addition to a house

Lancieux, France, 2017

Our client wanted to completely reorganize the main house, create a link between its levels and fill the empty space between the two houses.  This space has become a living room with a cathedral ceiling which provides more light to the ground floor of the main house and allows a vertical connection between the two levels. A large number of bedrooms can accommodate the maximum number of guests.

Complete transformation for an apartment,

Paris XVI, France, 2017


Having lived in this apartment for several years, the owners wanted a total reorganization with the objective of correcting two major defects: too much wasted space in the hallway and lack of light in some of the rooms. The reorganization of the core of the apartment allowed the entry of light via the three facades. The surface of the corridors was reduced by 2m². Custom-made woodwork gives character to the whole apartment.



Complete transformation for a house,

Paris XVII, France, 2019






Palmarin, Senegal, 2007


After passing one month in a small village of Senegal, I conceived an alternative and thrifty principle of self construction. It takes into account the vernacular qualities (evolutiviness…) without overlooking their desire for modernity.



This system is organized from North/South oriented brick mud walls (good thermal insulation). Between these walls settle flexible and divisible spaces at will from light partitions made of woven millet stalks. This is a habitat that has the potential to grow and change endlessly. By orienting the North/South walls, it also benefits from the passage of the prevailing Eastern winds that will seep through the braids to continuously ventilate the inside.


Daily activities do not have locations as it is in the local tradition but move in seeking shade during the day and light during the night. Walls serve as support to slide mobile furniture (beds, kitchen, etc.​)


Addition to a house

Bois-Colombes, France, 2015

Our proposal is to respect the existing architectural integrity without blocking the sunshine of neighboring plots. The extension consists of two distinct volumes with opposing roof slopes. The first volume contains the the dinning room. The slope of the roof opens onto the garden and avoids casting too large a shadow on the neighbor. The second volume has an inverted slope which permits the creation of 11m² of mezzanine in the bedrooms.

Complete transformation for an apartment,

Paris XVIII, France, 2017

For this pied-à-terre in Paris, a total reorganization made it possible to create an additional bedroom, and to reduce the area of ​​circulation. Particular attention was paid to the choice of furniture which echoes the customized carpentry work specific to each room.


In collaboration with Marion Duclos

contractor: Habiteum

Complete transformation for an apartment,

Clichy, France, 2018

This complete reorganization made it possible to transform an old one-bedroom flat into a two-bedroom flat, while expanding the living-room space. Each cm² is optimized and a clever mixture of carpentry and ready-made storage boxes has made it possible to obtain a customized result at a very moderate price..

In collaboration with Atelier Nuno






To reconfigure this ageing apartment, the constraints were heavy: many load-bearing walls, difference in levels at the location of what corresponds to an old courtyard...

The objective was to keep the same number of bedrooms, enlarge the living room and kitchen, optimize the bathroom and reduce the space devoted to corridors. 

Complete transformation for an apartment,

Paris IX, France, 2019


Baraviche Restaurant,

Paris, France, 2013












For this ceviche take away restaurant, We decided to showcase the product in an exotic and off the wall setting for a minimal cost while structuaring the space to facilitate the sale's process.

Thus, the setting reinterpretes the canopy of the virgin forest through wood frames and expended metal cubes painted in tones of green. 

At night, the ceiling light integrated in the cubes project silhouettes on the wall that ressemble fishnets, indispensable elements for a good ceviche.



Complete transformation for an apartment,

Paris IX, France, 2015

After acquiring an apartment in Paris, our client wanted a complete reorganization of the space as well as a major rehabilitation due to the obsolescence of the premises. On an extremely tight budget, we replaced the dilapidated parts of the apartment (floor, plumbing and electricity) and modified the floor plan in order to gain more surface for the rooms.


Merging and complete transformation for two apartments,

Paris XIII, France, 2018

Our client acquired the apartment below his own in order to merge them. Firstly, we worked on the structure : creation of a staircase hopper, creation of various openings in load-bearing walls (one of which is more than 4m long...). Then, we arranged the apartment in two zones: a large living space on the upper floor and a sleeping area on the lower floor. 


Complete transformation for an apartment,

Paris XVI, France, 2015

The clients commissioned us to renovate part of a very large apartment divided into 4 lots.            The layout of the lot that concerned us was delicate since there was no water supply or drainage. Another constraint was the large number of load-bearing walls.We created a large living area by designing a piece of furniture that links different rooms such as the kitchen, the living room and the guest room. 




Biodegradable hotel with positive marks, France, 2010

Laureate, Competition Terragorra

It is illusory to wish to freeze nature in the way to preserve  it.

Nature is not static but dynamic. Change is a fundamental component in landscape. Every single man's action on nature, either protective or opportunist, has a direct impact on it. 


This hotel is an opportunity for us to highlight our off-beat vision about ecology. Here, construction is not an act of nature's destruction but embodies biodiversity after man's passage. 


Thus, we design the first biodegradable hotel with positive marks on the environment. 


Complete transformation for an apartment,

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 2016


Our customers acquired a large apartment where the sizes of the bedrooms were very big in comparison with the size of the living room. The complete restructuring of this apartment helped enlarge the living room and the bathroom, reduce the  bedrooms and eliminate wasted space. Hand-made furniture gives strong identity to the whole project.


In collaboration with Atelier Nuno

In collaboration with Elodie Bongrain.


Bronx, New York City, USA, 2008

Redefinition of traffic axis through new local services.

South Bronx has different neighborhoods systems with characteristic unused open spaces which lead to a perception of fragmentation in the area. Our solution is to insert small interveners to invigorate these unused spaces and create new interactions and new pedestrian axes. The backyard will become the meeting area. 



Complete transformation for an apartment

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 2019

It is after several years spent in this apartment that their inhabitants entrusted us with the task of developing this atypical property which was no other than the former garage of a house. We have therefore reduced the circulation spaces to create a second bathroom, enlarged the parental bedroom and created more  cupboards, all seasoned with a work on colour to compensate for the lack of light in the apartment. 


En collaboration avec Eleonore Satger

Rénovation d'un appartement,

Paris IV, France, 2019



No major changes in the organization of the apartment, but a total transformation of the bathrooms and the carpentry, as well as a work on the furniture. 


En collaboration avec Dorothée Félix et Olivia Alix


The house was full of charm but in a very deteriorated state. An important work has been made both in the renovation of the structure and in the reorganization of the spaces and the creation of custom-made furniture. 


In collaboration with Akhila Srinivas and Jay Trung Tran.

For this Parisian pied-à-terre ideally located in the heart of Paris, we have completely reorganized the whole in order to increase the impression of space and bring the maximum of luminosity. All the water rooms (kitchen, shower room, WC) are integrated behind a "curved wall" covered with panelling.

Complete transformation for an apartment,

Paris VI, France, 2021





In collaboration with Atelier Nuno

Complete transformation for an apartment, 

Clichy, France, 2016


Newly bought, this apartment needed a complete reorganization of the space as well as a major rehabilitation due to the obsolescence of the premises. On an extremely tight budget, we replaced the dilapidated parts of the apartment (floor, plumbing and electricity) and modified the floor plan. The 2 children’s bedroom can be merged into one single game room. A clever mixture of carpentry and ready-made storage boxes has made it possible to obtain a customized result at a very moderate price..



In collaboration with Atelier Nuno

Extension et surélévation maison,

Suresnes , France, 2021


In order to increase the living space of the house, we have completely reorganized the existing building and added an extension on the garden side, an extension on the street side and an elevation. 

We chose to play with the difference in height of the land by creating a living room on two levels. The existing ground floor is entirely devoted to the kitchen and dining room and overlooks a cathedral-like living room on the same level as the garden. 
The roof of the house is modified in order to create a new floor and accommodate bedrooms and bathrooms.

The extensions are completed and the elevation is in progress.