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-2019: woodworking vocational certificate, Lycée professionnel Léonard de Vinci, 


-2009: Master degree of Architecture and Urban design Columbia University

 New York

-2007: Degree of Architecture, Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture,




-2023: Moucharabieh table has joined the French National collections 

- 2022: Laureate of the French design 100 at the Élysée Palace, official residence of the President of the French Republic

- 2017: medal of honour at "concours Lépine"

-2015: Laureate of the Jean Prouvé competition, organised by the Ministry of National Education


-2014: Label de l’Observeur du design 2015, APCI


-2013: Finalist Launching People competition, organised by Samsung 


-2011: Laureate of the call for projects "intelligent urban  furniture", organized by the City of Paris

-2010: Laureate of the competition « Terragora » for a sustainable hotel


Convinced of the interdisciplinary responsibility of the architect, I have always applied to diversify my training which is artistic (Atelier de Sèvres, Paris), technical (Special School of Architecture, Paris) Economic and social (Columbia University, New York)

By the same logic, I wanted to bring the experience abroad choosing places that fascinate me with their strong identity. Among other things, I worked in Beirut, Barcelona and Hong Kong. I developed a self-build project in a village in Senegal after a study of the local construction techniques and the various stakeholders. More recently, I studied within an international team, the Dharavi slum in Mumbai. Successive visits and meetings in situ convinced us that instead of proposing a new master plan for Dharavi, it should enhancing the specificity of this city within a city. We chose to promote the local economy between the different communities through better management of water and waste.

Architecture is a way for me to participate as a citizen in an era as complex than fascinating, that is why I include in all my projects personalities from other fields (CNRS researchers, artisans, politicians ...)​

My main research areas are self-construction, biodegradable architecture and expression of geopolitics in urban forms.

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